Hollywood Hills

Hollywood HillsIf you really wanted to identify an absolutely central area in relation to the Greater Los Angeles area, then the Hollywood Hills would be it. You will find yourself with the entire city at your command, halfway between Downtown and the beaches and ocean and also dividing the basin with the San Fernando Valley. The Hollywood Hills, which sprawl the northern boarders of the Los Angeles Basin, feature homes which are quaint to extravagant. From the streets rising and twisting above the neon lights of the Sunset Strip, to Laurel Canyon and its narrow offshoots that crawl up the couloir walls, to the top of the mountains crest where Mulholland Drive winds for miles and miles and on either side the best views money can buy in Los Angeles. The Hills’ reputation precedes itself with streets lined by rare and innovative architectural gems that adapt the homes to the steep and beautiful hills. Your neighbors are none other than the highest echelons of society and many of them famous celebrities of the entertainment industry which has made its epicenter at the feet of the hills. There are many highly rated schools (including Wonderland Elementary) both within the hills as well as in adjacent, convenient neighborhoods.